Bulliebompa's Carbon Type

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Bulliebompa's Carbon Type

Pedigree: Bulliebompa's Carbon Type
Father: Bulliebomba's Adobe Wild Type
Mother: Bullskull's Friar Royd
Date of Birth: 21 September 2007
Color: Brindle and White

Teeth: slight undershot, one P4 missing
Audiometry: 2007 ok
Heart: 2008 ok
Kidney: 2008 ok
Patella: 2008 ok
PLL: DNA Result: Clear , clear from further eyes issues
Height: 41 cm
Weight: 18.5 kg

Breeding permission: Lifetime
Has Offspring: Yes
Spermiogram: 93%
Frozen Sperm: on demand
Free Stud's, if dame is not pregnant: yes, during next season
Stud's during season: As often as wanted
Any healthy dame accepted: no, only appropriate bitches
Possibility to place Dame during Stud: yes

Show Results:
maskuliner Jungrüde an der äusserst oberen Größengrenze, vorzüglicher Kopf, vorzügliche obere Linie, Proportionen , Hinterhand und Pfoten, korrekte Vorhand, vorzügliche Brust, vorzügliches Haar, flüssige parallele Bewegung, deutlicher Vorbiss - Dr. W. Peper -

Eleganter Rüde an der oberen Grössengrenze, gerader Rücken, gute Knochen, korrekter Brustkorb, gut gestellte Vor- und Hinterhand, typvoller Kopf, nicht ganz korrekter Gebißschluss, Augen und Ohren ok, eleganter Hals, freie Bewegung - Hans W. Müller -

mouth incorrect, beautiful head, good eye, good neck, nice body shape, lovely dog, excellent - Linda McGregor -

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