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Welcome to Miniature + Bull Terrier Complaint and Genealogy

Feel free to browse all the available data around our Mini / Bull Terrier.

If your dog is not listed, you find error's in the data or like to contribute your results/pedigree's send the info to


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23. January 2012
1609 DNA Tested Dogs at mBTcg database
Free 720 / Carrier 733 / At Risk 154
Free 45% / Carrier 45% / At Risk 10%

1172 DNA tested Dogs at OFA database
Free 412 / Carrier 607 / At Risk 157
Free 35% / Carrier 52% / At Risk 13%

757 DNA Tested Dogs at AHT database
Free 318 / Carrier 351 / At Risk 88
Free 42% / Carrier 46,5% / At Risk 11,5%

Don't forget that much less Carrier / At Risk get public than Clear one's, this explains the differences in percentages of AHT/OFA and mBTcg values !

OFA now list's 3 Standard Bullterrier as AT RISK and 1 as Carrier, maybe they are wrong declared Mini's, maybe they are Mini's declared as Standard cause of their height (possible in some countries). Their names got not published.

Visual display of PLL inheritance

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